Earlier today, I planned changing the bulb outside of my apartment before leaving for work. So, I got a ladder and as I climbed; GBASH! I fell. This incident got me thinking a bit after I nursed my wound.

Every entrepreneur has had a ‘gbash’ moment at some point. I say this at the risk of sounding generic. However, not everyone has leveraged on such events or situations to create a better business.

Many have seen such events as a cue that they are not cut out for entrepreneurship. They have packed their bags as a result and gone back home to paid employment. That’s not a bad idea BUT….

The real issue isn’t whether you mismanaged funds or made wrong investment choices but rather what you have used such ‘gbash’ moments to create going forward.

That said, you should fix those dark spot areas such as financial impropriety and mismanagement as it’s clearly a character issue. I’d advice you do a VAT ( Value Assessment Test) and get back in the game.

Let me ask you:

How have you leveraged your moments of business lows?

Have you used such moments as a buffer to improve your cash flow systems to prevent cash constraint issues down the line?

How about alternative revenue channels to cater for the inherent risks in your investment decisions?

In my case, I undermined the state of the ladder. The issue to an extent wasn’t with me or my 200 pound frame.My ladder was the culprit.The case could be the same with your business. Don’t go personal yet.Instead, check your ladder.

Your ladder refers to your business processes and routines which you deploy enroute to changing your bulb (providing business solutions).

Ergo, fix your ladder and change the bulb!