You Can, You will, Period!

You Can, You will, Period!


Yesterday, while I was working on my new book and suffering from a severe lack of inspiration. My friend called me out of the blues, unfortunately a child was playing with the horn of the car downstairs and it interfered with the first 20 seconds of the call. Usually I would roll my eyes in dissatisfaction but we ended up laughing for no reason.

A majority of the conversation ended up being about heights and I said “I am terrified of heights” and I remembered all my confrontations with height that made me shake to my knees. I remembered my most recent one when I had to lean outside my window from the 4th floor and I felt my legs turn to overcooked indomie.

He said “Maybe you are afraid of cockroach oh and rat but Remi, you are not afraid of heights” “You flew off a mountain 500M high, remember?” “No… I forgot” I responded.

Last year, paragliding was on my bucket list. Not because I am an adventure freak (which I just might be) but because I am a growth freak, I knew that heights scared me so I decided to do something outrageous, something that would bring me face to face with my fear, something that would make me conquer it once and for all. You only grow when you face and challenge your fears not by avoiding them. Jumping off the mountain represented something very significant to me and 4 months later I had forgotten.

It is the 22nd of January, so many new year resolutions have turned to smoke. You are discouraged, you are tired, you feel defeated. Your job is stressing you, you work so hard and yet it seems as though you are never appreciated, your husband has not noticed the new dress and you have worn it twice, your relationship issues are on a downward spiral, in one sentence, you have lost inspiration.

But my darling, you lost inspiration, only because you forgot. You think you can never lose weight, only because you forgot, you think you can never be disciplined, only because you forgot, you think you can never be consistent, only because you forgot, you are afraid of failing, only because you forgot.

I dropped everything I was doing to write this article, to remind someone that it can be done. It is okay to be afraid but it is not okay to stop trying. Look back to anything you have ever achieved in life, from the big things like staying up all night to study, to breastfeed the baby, to preparing for a presentation, to getting the family ready, look back at how many hours you put in every weekend to go to the market to cook to the small things, like always greeting your annoying and undeserving colleague. If you can do these things, you can also lose weight, you only need to be inspired and to apply the same principle there.

If as a Muslim you can pray 5 times a day without wavering for decades, you can lose weight, if as a Christian you pray everyday since you can remember, you can lose weight. Just apply the same principle to every area in your life that needs the type of change that only comes from consistency and perseverance

The mistake which we usually make, is expect that we will only be afraid once. I thought that the unforgettable experience would knock out fear from my life for good but 4 months later, when the fear of heights came, I forgot.

The mistake which we usually make, is expect that inspiration will last forever. Seek inspiration, seek to be inspired. If you can’t inspire yourself, if you don’t have someone to laugh with for no just cause, then get off bbm, instagram, go to youtube and look for inspirational and exciting messages.

Today started off very slow for me, but as I type this message, I have concluded the first 20 pages of my upcoming book, I had an epiphany and recorded a video and of course scheduled this post.

So maybe you have lost some weight and now moving forward, fear has gripped you. Find inspiration in yourself and remember what you forgot

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  • Thanks for sharing. It is so true, most times I think Inspiration last forever.

    But you killed it by saying “The mistake which we usually make, is expect that inspiration will last forever. Seek inspiration, seek to be inspired.”

    Thanks. I will seek more inspirations. 🙂

  • Jay

    Thanks for sharing.