Who Anointed Us God Over You? Refuse To Bow!

Who Anointed Us God Over You? Refuse To Bow!


Who Anointed Us God Over Your Life? No One Deserves All That Power

“Remi did not accept my friend request”
“Gloria did not read my bbm message”
“Daniel took 2 weeks to reply me”
“Greg did not like the post I tagged him in”
“Tinuke read my message and did not reply”
“Chibuzor replied everyone’s comment except mine”
“Isaac did not like my post”
“Evelyn did not comment on my post”
“My Whatsapp message has been left unread for weeks”

You have translated all of this to

“I am not valuable”
“I am not special”
“He/she does not think I am important”
“He/she does not think I am worth something”
“He/she thinks everyone else is more important than me”
“He/she thinks I am insignificant”
“He/she thinks I am not good enough”
“He/she thinks I do not deserve to be loved and appreciated”
“He/she does not roll with people like me”

“Who do they even think they are???” You ask angrily.
Who anointed us God over “your” life? Why do “our” actions have to translate to “you” being insignificant? Why are you focusing all this energy on what “we” think… or what you think we think? Why are you giving us so much power? Did God write it in stone that you will ONLY be great if you have me/us in your life?
Why do you value everyone else more than you value you?

Biko wetin do you?

Value yourself enough. You are all that and a bag of chips
See yourself as that and you will become that! Add ketchup sef! You are powerful and it does not matter if anyone acknowledges it

When you harness “your” power, we won’t be able to ignore your light #SunShade

You are powerful ALL BY YOURSELF. You too are god, so look into the mirror and meet “your” own maker