What You Should Do With Your Knowledge Now!

What You Should Do With Your Knowledge Now!


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There is certain man in the Bible called Ezra. Something remarkable was written about him that i would love to share with you. Ezra had determined to study and obey the law of the Lord and to teach those decrees and regulations to the people of Israel.

Ezra DETERMINED to study and obey and teach the Law to people.

-Ezra internalized the transformation process by first making up his mind

  1. Except you’re determined to achieve a goal it is never going to be done
  1. Only when you’re determined that you’re able to focus and pursue a goal

– After Ezra made up his mind, he then acted upon his determination by studying the Law

  1. If you have a goal and have made up your mind to fulfil it, then you must act upon that which you have decided upon
  1. Ezra didn’t just study the Law for the purpose of it or to show off that he knew the Law, he obeyed the Laws in the process testing the validity or otherwise of the Laws he studied.
  1. Whatever knowledge you acquire if not put to use is a wasted knowledge
  1. Knowledge applied is what translates to EXPERIENCE. Experience is not about passing through a circumstance and say to people that you’ve passed through it.

The lesson learnt out of the success or failure of such knowledge is what is called EXPERIENCE

In Psychology, it is called EXPERIENTIAL knowledge i.e. knowledge or skill gathered while going through a process.

And finally Ezra didn’t go about quoting the laws at will or bragging about the law he knew, he passed the knowledge down to the people of Israel.

  1. He shared his knowledge, he helped build people. He invested in people and helped them also acquire knowledge and be useful for the society.
  1. As a result of his study and experience garnered from obeying the Laws, He could  teach the people well what they needed to know and how they could avoid mistakes during his own sojourn.

– Knowledge MUST be shared only then can it come back to you.

-Knowledge which is applied is information and is key to life

  1. With knowledge comes strategy and strategy is what is needed to wade through  life
  1. With knowledge we walk on enlightened and informed paths because we would have studied and possibly explored all options before deciding on the path to thread.
  1. With knowledge, mistakes are reduced to barest minimum because we take informed risks. When we do make mistakes, it is easy to remedy because there’s a plan being followed and goals/timelines set which helps us to get back on track
  1. With knowledge, possible hindrances are known and prepared for in case they are unavoidable
  1. Knowledge helps you break free from myths and mindsets that would have held you back from pursuing your goal
  1. Knowledge allows you plan and iterate. This means you can set out and achieve a goal once done, you can regroup and aim higher than your previous success.
  1. Application of knowledge gives an edge, makes you an authority and opens doors for prosperity.

What knowledge are you sharing?

SOURCEOdedele Tosin
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