We’ve Smashed a Milestone!

We’ve Smashed a Milestone!


Last week’s episode of The Smart Business Teleseminars (w/ Jimi Tewe) was the 36th. That made it 9 months of delivering high-powered content from Africa’s finest, straight into your living room at ZERO COST to you.

The Smart Business Teleseminars wasn’t created for millionaires. It was made for the clueless and uninformed – the future millionaires.

At some point in our lives, we were all clueless and uninformed until we came in contact with the right information, from the right people at the right time. We haven’t been the same since.

Rather than leave these miracles to chance, we decided to create your weekly miracle. To expose the (mostly African) business community to insight previously exploited by a select few.

Starting from the month of February, we’re launching the Smart Business MasterClass specially for those of you looking to make more money, switch career paths or build authority in a new field. More on this later.

Today, our Android App just smashed a milestone of 1,000 active installs. Thank you for your immense support.

In the meantime, please navigate to
http://SmartBcamp.com and experience the new face of SmartBcamp.

To Your Phenomenal Success,
John Obidi,