THIS WEEK’S CAPSULES (Prepare for Side Talk; Part 2)

THIS WEEK’S CAPSULES (Prepare for Side Talk; Part 2)


Welcome to this week’s capsules. My apologies I couldn’t bring them your way yesterday as usual. My schedule has been crazy lately. Last week, we began looking at the sixth factor necessary for building the confidence to pursue your dreams. This I noted was overcoming derogatory statements. Today, we will be looking at more practical examples.

The commonest of circumstances that attracts these derogatory statements in the pursuit of one’s dreams is the point of quitting your nine to five job for the big picture. This is usually where you get the worst forms of comments and side talks . And sometimes, it’s more than just comments but actions . A lot of times what you get are body languages and attitudes in place of comments. I like to start with myself as a practical example in this regard. When I left my job for my dreams, everyone in my house (mother, siblings and even relatives) thought I had lost it because I was fast rising on a wrong career path. I was a fast rising middle line manager with an official car and a driver in a reputable HR and Consulting firm. I had great chances of moving very fast to the top but I wasn’t fulfilled, so I resigned to pursue my dream. I got no form of support from family. Thank God for my then fiancé ((Now husband) who believed in my dreams and stood by me all the way.

Quite naturally, your standard of living drops abit when you pull out to pursue your dream. It always does and then picks up again and surpasses your previous financial status. This, we all know is the case most times. When I met with hard times, not only were my family members talking, they went as far as summoning my husband to a meeting in my elder brother’s apartment. They also gave him a huge ultimatum to ensure that he got me to agree to go back to paid employment because according to them, my husband is the only one I listen to.

Quite funny a story, isn’t it? Well thank God for a very understanding husband who is also my best friend. He told me, all they said at the meeting, we had a good laugh over it and that was the end. Needless to say that all that is history now. If you are reading this piece and you happen to be someone who cannot stand through for what you believe in, you most likely will never get to your destination (Destiny). I like the way Adesuwa Etomi put it at the just concluded LYDA event. She said ‘’ Before you go into anything, you need to understand your journey because you will meet so many people (along the way) that want to show you your destination’’. In some of these derogatory statements are wrong destinations that lead to nowhere.

I like to refer to Yewande Zacchaus’ story a lot whenever I discuss this subject. In her case, she had a very close family member who said to her, ‘’What do you want to do? Resign from such a prestigious banking job to do what? Plan parties for people?’’ Thank God this lady did not pay attention else the multimillion naira industry in Nigeria which today is known as the Event Management industry, (which has given jobs and financial security to thousands of Nigerians out there) would not have been born. This leads to my next point with which I will conclude this week’s capsules.

Punch line, you need to build confidence to get past these annoying statements when they come your way because if you don’t, many people out there whose dreams are anchored on yours will never get the opportunity to live their dreams.

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