Welcome to this week’s capsules. My apologies for being unable to bring you your capsules last week, I had an engagement  which lasted virtually the whole of Monday. Two weeks ago, we rounded up on the forth factor required for building confidence to pursue your dream which is talking. Today, we begin looking at Failure the fifth factor.


Many a time, people want to start by winning but this seldom happens. You don’t start a race by winning, you  run and then you win. Same applies to your dream. A lot of people find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that in the pursuit of your dreams you will fail a number of times. Most people can’t even phantom the idea that they would fail at some points. Now hear this, failure is not always a bad thing…. Actually, failure is a huge part of your success, better known as your learning curve. True success does not just happen to anybody. It is a product of hard work, determination and perseverance amidst several trials. In between these trials are failures.

Dont worry

In the cause of trying out, polishing and sharpening  that talent of yours, there MUST be bits of failures here and there. These failures are steps better known as milestones to your dream. When you understand this, the issue  of managing failure in the pursuit of your dream becomes lighter and easier to deal with.  It is imperative you understand this fact else when you begin to experience these occasional failures, your confidence  may be affected and your self -esteem eroded.

I like the way a wise man put it  when told he failed several times before he succeeded.  He said ‘’I did not fail several times, I only learnt several ways of not doing it right before I got the actual way to do it right.

Being prepared to fail in the cause of one’s dream pursuit, prepares your confidence ahead of time and helps to keep it  intact when you face hurdles along the way. For you who needs to build confidence to face your dreams, here is my advice, prepare to fail because you would have failed severally before you succeed.. Ever wondered why the drink seven up was named thus, because the man  who invented that drink tried six formulas and got it wrong, he succeeded the seventh time hence the name seven up.

Punch line, prepare to fail for failure is a critical success factor

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