THIS WEEK’S CAPSULES. (You Can’t Be Stopped, If You Believe)

THIS WEEK’S CAPSULES. (You Can’t Be Stopped, If You Believe)


Hello people, Welcome to this week’s capsules. Last week there were no capsules, courtesy of my new baby. Still trying to adjust to the routines of a two-time mum. My apologies… Two weeks back, we looked at the second step to the topic, Ten Steps to Building Confidence to Pursue Your Dream. This week, we will be looking at the third step which is BELIEVING

Please understand that man has the power to achieve anything if two things are in place: If he believes that the vision is possible and if he is willing to give it all it takes. Concerning your vision, you’ve got to believe it is possible and say to yourself regularly that if others have done it and excelled at it, then you too can.

I know of a young ma who wanted to work with one of the banks that has currently been merged. His passion after school was to work with this particular bank or no were else. After youth service, he applied on their website, was invited for an aptitude test but failed. This young man refused to take a ‘no’ for an answer. His belief that he would work in this bank kept him strategizing and re-strategizing.


Next, he disguised as a major customer, walked into one of the branches of the said bank and demanded to see the branch manager. The branch manager gave him audience thinking he was a prospective customer and at that point he opened up that he wanted a job with the bank. He was kicked out of the branch manager’s office with a couple of harsh words .

This young man never relented. Next he decided he would head for the headquarters of this bank in VI and try to make contact with the Bank MD/CEO, who was a lady. He got her a gift of a cheap wall clock and attached a letter to it, stating how passionate he was about the bank and how much he would appreciate it if given an opportunity to join her team. He got it couriered to her but her PA who received and signed for it, immediately discarded the gift and the note that accompanied it, after reading it through.

The CEO who later found out that a parcel which was delivered to her office and did not get to her table, was furious and got her PA to fish out the letter. She read it and called the young man who was not with his phone at the time. He got back, saw the missed call and tried to call back but it was the PA again who took his call. She told him how her boss had wanted to speak to him and how he had lost the opportunity. The young man begged to be transferred to the CEO but the PA wouldn’t.

Next, the young man devised yet another plan. He decided that every morning he would report outside the bank premises and would wave vigorously with a broad smile at the CEO as she resumed work until he would get her attention. This he did for three days and on the third morning, she wound down the glass of her hummer jeep and asked. ‘’Who are you and what do you want?’’
To be continued in next week’s capsules.

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