Weekly Capsules (What You Say, You Get)

Weekly Capsules (What You Say, You Get)


Weekly Capsules (What You Say, You Get)

Welcome to this week’s capsules. Last week we rounded up on Believing, rthe third factor required for Building The Confidence To Face Your Dreams. This week, we will be looking at the forth factor which is Talking.

Talking? Sounds funny right? Maybe. As funny as it may sound, talking is a huge part of building confidence. It is more or less a continuation of last week’s topic because if you believe enough in a thing, you will naturally talk about it. I have been through very tough and trying situations in life. I have taken decisions that got me down to rock bottom level, at some points in my life. But, not once did I flinch in my belief system, my values and my speech. I have never believed or talked anything less than greatness because that’s who I am.

Some people see talking big as pride but that’s not. Pride is seeing yourself as superior to others and this has absolutely nothing to do with talking big. Only ensure you don’t run others down when you make your confessions. A lot of times, when you talk big, smaller minds around, who can’t phantom what you are saying, may begin to keep grudges against you. In such a case, you may choose not to talk much in their presence. What you do in such a case is to lock yourself indoors and talk to yourself before your mirror.

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Why the need to talk to yourself regularly, you may ask? Well, here is it. There is too much power in your words, even words spoken carelessly. Your words have the power to propel the forces of nature to work in your direction, positively or negatively. It’s a mystery. In the Christendom, this is called faith but this principle like I always say works even for atheists who believe in what they are saying, hence it is more than religion but a universal law! As an undergraduate, I used to have a friend who believed and confessed regularly that she would live in Canada. That was her dream and she kept telling her mum that she would live in Canada when she was grown. Please understand that she was not from a rich home, neither did she read any of the courses that could make her easily marketable for a Canadian immigration Visa.

She got married to a doctor and began having her kids here in Nigeria but she never stopped confessing her Canadian dream. Finally the opportunity came, she heard about a Canadian exam for doctors who wanted to migrate. She got her husband to take it and today, she is living her Canadian dream. You may call it coincidence but trust me, it’s not. Her consistent words, spoken over a long period of time, got her a man who had the qualities to bring her words to pass.

Punch line, the more you talk about a thing, the more confident you become at that thing, the more you believe in it and the closer you get towards that thing.

Next week, I would share the story of a close friend and former colleague who found himself in a messy situation when he tried to seize a next level opportunity and how he talked his way out to greatness
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