Wake Up! It Is Time To Work.

Wake Up! It Is Time To Work.


It was a rainy Saturday. Looked like the heaven was on a crying frenzy. Inside was a different case entirely. Alex with both feet on the table was a sight to behold.

Suddenly, something happened. The setting wasn’t a familiar one. Who were all these people? They seemed an elite breed. Bow ties here, tuxedoes there. It all seemed out of place but then again reality most times is out of place. He was loving every minute of ‘this’.

Just then, a waiter passed by. Champagne-filled glasses on a tray. This was champagne?! Should he take or not? Was it free? How much? With all the male courage he could muster, he beckoned to the waiter to come nigh. He picked a glass of the French white wine, hand visibly shaking. Just as he was about to ask how much, the waiter gave a slight bow and walked gracefully across the ball room to the debonair gentleman who was spinning his magic wand in the enviable company of a bevy of ladies. Something was cooking and whatever it was, he wanted a piece of it.

On the far right of the expansive edifice was what looked like a senior executive dining space. The area gave the feel that those who dined there were the deciders of fate and fortune. The upwardly mobile group he found himself amidst started moving towards this area as the music neared an end. Alex followed suit, taking a seat at the far end of the room.

From his position, the Bay Area was visible in all its glory and splendor. Ever the helpless dreamer, he stared into the watery distance. The ocean, vast. The horizon reminding him of one or two podcasts he had listened to on possibilities….Wall Street. His pastor’s voice, Rev. Emmanuel George echoed “Motivation works on the mind! The Spirit led man is always motivated! Nothing is impossible to him that believes.”

Could this be his possibility overcoming life’s impossibility? Just when the chief host looking avuncular was about to make a toast, something snapped. It seemed he had just experienced a trance. His present location was familiar, very familiar.

He had made the exit into 3D reality without knowing. It was all a dream! His Samsung phone stared at him as if mocking him. He had series of tabs opened. One of which was a Twitter timeline by a fellow with the hash tag series #DearEntrepreneurs. He had read tweet 24 before drifting off. The fellow had tweeted “Dream all you want, without skill you are on your own. Hone a craft, work with your hands or head! Work!” It was time to work!