How To Use Facebook Live for Groups and Pages

How To Use Facebook Live for Groups and Pages


On Friday, I was invited to Channels Television to speak about the benefits of the latest Facebook LIVE feature to businesses. The video can be found here.

However, even though Facebook Live has finally launched worldwide, it’s been impossible for many users to use the feature within Facebook Groups.
The following error message usually appears.facebook-live-video-cant-start

I’m pleased to announce that SmartBcamp’s R&D (Research and Development) division a.k.a. John Obidi, has discovered a way to HACK THE SYSTEM.

Using this ‘hack’, I streamed a tutorial to the SmartBcamp Facebook Group, teaching viewers to do the same. The replay is embedded below.

Here are the highlights

  1. You can only go Live from a mobile device
  2. Combine A Facebook Page and a Group: Though you might not be able to livestream directly to Facebook Groups, you can livestream to Facebook Pages very easily. The strategy therefore is to go live from your Facebook Page via your mobile phone, and then access that stream from a PC and share to your group. Your group members will be able to join the livestream as though you were streaming from directly within the group.
  3. In order to livestream from a Facebook Page, you must use the Facebook Pages Manager apps for Android and iOS.
  4. Viewers cannot view your livestream from the Facebook Lite app or they might get the error “Attachment Unavailable”.

Using this system, I was able to run my first Live broadcast to the SmartBcamp Group for almost 1 hour and these were the final statistics.

Screenshot 2016-04-17 20.12.14

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  • Lovely interview…i actually learnt a trick or two from your video stream yesterday especially from the sound and lighting area. I did my first Facebook Live a few minutes ago and it was awesome. Thanks alot for the the insight. God bless.