Use these 6 Apps to Raise your Instagram Game

Use these 6 Apps to Raise your Instagram Game

Raise your Instagram Game

Many smart (small) business owners knows that Instagram is a good place to market their business on the internet. However, due to the changing discovery algorithm and increasing competition, you need to raise your Instagram game. One of the best ways to do this is to use some mobile applications that would help you  to creatively show your difference and help you get more results for your business.

The essence of using these 5 apps is so that you can create photos and videos that stand out, which will help you get more followers and like and raise your Instagram game.


Stop losing… Raise your Instagram Game

1. Black

source: Peter Stojanowski
source: Peter Stojanowski

BLACK is an iOS-only app that tries to emulate black and white film with filters. There are presets for film like the Kodak TRI-x 400, Fuji Neopan 400 etc. You can either swipe left and right to apply different Black & White filters. Also, the app lets you tweak shadows with a fade tool, control tones and contrast with a curves tool, and customize and apply vignettes. The app is free but to use some advanced editing features requires in-app purchase.

2. Boomerang

There are many apps you can use to create short videos that loop. However, Instagram’s official app which is available for iOS and Android will make your short videos stand out of the park.

3. Giphy Cam

Your personal brand or business brand doesn’t have to be “too serious”. You need to add more fun. It’s a fact that people tend to relate more with things that lightens their mood. You can be “silly” sometimes and still raise your Instagram game. If you want it to be, Giphy Cam lets you combine videos and images with canned GIF animations into a new shareable GIF. The app generates GIFs, but you can import them directly into Instagram as videos and edit them further.

4. Hyperlapse

source: Instagram

Hyperlapse, an iOS-only is the best app for creating time-lapses. The app lets you speed up and slow down video from 1x to 12x the normal speed. You can also use for image stabilization. Hyperlapse uses data from your iPhone’s gyroscope to measure and remove frames that are shaky and create a video that’s smooth. For Android users, you can use Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile as an alternative.

5. Layout

layout app

For me, I hate to see people or brands that I follow on Instagram posting too many photos of the same location, event etc at once. Instead of doing this, consider consolidating them into a single post using a collaging app called “Layout”. With Layout, (available for iOS and Android users), you can create different photo layouts.

6. Snapseed

Google’s Snapseed is one of the best free photo-editing apps available for both iOS and Android users. It comes with a huge selection of editing tools that are more powerful than Instagram’s built-in ones and the filters — especially the High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing — are exceptionally great. With Snapseed, you can easily retouch, adjust perspective, re-edit, and more.

Using these apps will definitely help you to raise your Instagram game. When you find other mobile apps, make sure you give them a trial and see if the help you to get the results you want on Instagram.