One Major Reason Why Your Affirmations Are Not Working

One Major Reason Why Your Affirmations Are Not Working


“I am Powerful”
“I am Confident”
“I am the head and not the tail”
“I conquer every territory”

I had a journal for confessions, I created a podcast with my voice and instrumental and I would wake up and recite pages and pages

I “thought” that if I recited it enough
I “thought” that if I could just memorize the lines
I “thought” that if I said it louder
I “thought” that if I recited more confidently….
SOMEHOW!!!! those things would come to pass
SOMEHOW!!!! I would “convince” myself to “believe” in what I was saying

But…. hours later… I was feeling the opposite (actually, same way I felt before reciting) 2 days later… I had dumped my confessions…. And the yo-yo continued. On today, off tomorrow. You have been told you need to speak things into existence,
And it is true, BUT you can only speak what “you” believe/think/imagine/accept to be true. You can’t chant yourself into what you want. Your confessions will not “force” you to believe what your brain has refused to grasp. You have to first believe/think/imagine it…then speak it

The way you start thinking automatically affects how you behave, what you say.Your present life is a reflection of YOUR thinking… not your chanting… If we were to judge you by looking at your confessions right now you would probably be Obama’s Best pal, with a Villa in Santorini, Greece with a private Island in Maldives but you are here…. looking for fuel for your gen.

Hey! I am not here to judge you, who I’m I?
If you looked at my confessions… hehehehe (make I no talk). It was during my self reflection I found my mistake and I said
“ain’t NO WAY I am keeping this to myself”

Get rid of your stinking thinking.