Many of us didn’t start out from a rosy platform. The only luck we had was our ability to overcome bad luck as many circumstances were orchestrated to hold us down to a life of mediocrity. But thank God that a lot of us found a way to rise above our background to a platform of hope and possibilities.

In our times of our nothingness, we were usually not alone. We had crewmen whom we kept tabs with and enjoyed sweet nothings with. These people were our cheerleaders and our best source of inspiration to remain invalid.  But as we get along the path of purpose and mature into our uniqueness, we still believe that these set of people can still be our buddies.  This is usually wrong and leads to a lot of frustration and distractions.

The worst mistake any man can make in life is hoping that these same people will celebrate us when we start out on a different path. This is hardly possible.

Those who knew us too well when life held nothing for us always have a hard time connecting the dots of our past, present and the possibilities of our future. Comments like: “hmm, see this Alex of yesterday wey all of us dey gather hawk come dey for Financial expert oo!” “See this one oo?” “You don baf?” are never far from the lips of those who know so much of where we have been but nothing about where we are going.

Behaving this way doesn’t make them bad people, they might simply fear that you have lost your mind for choosing a life of risk which is quite different with what you have all enjoyed all these years. They have just lost a teammate, so they must feel the loss and be sorry for the “lost”.

To have summoned the courage to take a chance they have refused might leave them bitter and they will always find ways to talk you out of your appointment with destiny. They will want to pull you down, castigate you and remind you of how unqualified you are.

Please stay away from these people. Build a new league and find new people who will not just understand your journey but will help make it a possibility.

It is very much advisable that from time to time, you do “friendship overhauling” to be sure that the top 5 people you spend your time with are people who are going your way, and if possible, have even passed your way to a higher way.

If you must arrive safely in your future, you must stay away from those who know so much about your past and create a new league of friends who know nothing but your future. Because the past and the future hardly tell the same stories.