The Power Of Vision

The Power Of Vision


Hello there, welcome to this week’s capsules. Last week, we began looking at the second step in Building Confidence to Pursue Your Dreams, and I noted that creating a mental picture is that second step. I will be rounding up on this second step today with the story of a close friend.

I had this friend who was a banker with one of the merged banks. He was too good a marker, top at his game and was fast rising on his career ladder. He soon discovered that his passion was speaking and not just marketing. So after a few years, he decided to pull out of the bank to pursue his dreams. When he tendered his resignation letter, there was a serious chaos in his branch as his branch manager wasn’t ready to release him, he was unarguably their best!

After much said and done, they had to let him go since his mind was made up. Before he left though, they reached a compromise with him. They left the option of his job available to him for the next one year. They did not remove his name from their system for the next one year. They asked him to keep his ID Card and his passwords to his system. They still allowed him full access to the bank’s information. A huge risk indeed! They still sent him mails regularly even for trainings. The only thing that was denied was his monthly salary.

They assured him his job was still available for the next year, that he should go and test the waters within the next one year and that if he ever got tired and wanted to come back to paid employment, that his job in the bank would be available and all he would need to do was RESUME WORK!

There were times when this friend would walk into other branches of the said bank and flash his ID card to any teller on duty telling them he was a staff in another branch who was on leave and they would allow him use any of their systems to do his transactions himself. That was how involved in the system he still was, even though he had left the bank.

Now, in the midst of all of these, he was experiencing a hard time pushing his dreams. There were setbacks, oppositions, challenges and lack and here was a watery bank job still being dangled in his face like a carrot. Yet, not once did my friend ever consider going back to his job, rather each setback made him take more aggressive steps towards his vision. You want to know why? Simple! His vision was just too real to him and so was his conviction.

Severally, I was privileged to listen to him share his vision (mental picture) with me. I got really fascinated at each of those sessions because he explained everything so vividly with set dates for each accomplishment like it was a future he was already living in. Little wonder he refused to bulge in the heat of fierce oppositions.

Each time, I remember that experience, all that comes to my mind is the power of vision! Your ability to see a mental picture of where you are going and make it your reality even before it begins to manifest.

Punch line, for as long as you have no picture of what you see ahead of you, you will always see a tempting picture of the past and will most likely go back to your vomit at the slightest challenge.

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