key to wealthAnn is a 21 year old who talks like one in her late 40s . You can’t blame her  though , she knows where she is going and like James Allen said “the world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going.” Lately she has seen her motivation take a huge hit . You see Ann wants to build a pan-African media brand and sadly the only pan she has is that which she uses in frying plantain. Currently undergoing the mandatory NYSC program in the South-Eastern part of the country , she has been planning to start her entrepreneurial journey after service. The challenge for her is the HOW. That’s when she came across a cover story of one of the media Titans she adores. Ann indulged herself and decided to have an interview with her future self by herself! Ann the corps member(C) goes on to interview Ann the media Mogul(M).


C: Not every female CEO has achieved your enviable feats in such a short time . How does it feel?

M: I am happy and grateful to God  for His faithfulness . I have learned about the world and am blessed with a good measure of wisdom. Above all things , I seek to live by the moral codes that guide my lifestyle and living.

C: What are your moral codes if I may ask?

M: Well , they are basic codes that all aspiring ladies of integrity in business and enterprise should have . Values like hard work , perseverance , equity and respect for authority ranging from government , suppliers to even clients.

C:You have been tagged one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in Africa, how do you cope with such a tag? Don’t you feel pressured?

M: There are many things in life one would wish they could have control over. The entrepreneur  doesn’t have control over tags and titles. People love to give labels. I look beyond titles and focus on service. I stay focused on giving my best consistently and showing up everyday.

C: Any advice for those who look up to you as a role model?

M: Bite the bullet! Resist the pull of being someone else . Don’t be afraid to fail. When you do common things in life in an uncommon way , you will command the attention of the world. Be so phenomenal that folks can’t forget you easily. Never compromise your VALUES and always have a heart that seeks to do good.

5 minutes!! That’s all it took and Ann was strengthened and certain that her hope wasn’t a fairytale . It was REAL.