Stop Self Medicating

Stop Self Medicating


Any time I have the chance, I tell people, stop buying products! Hire a coach.

With a coach you can go back and forth, with a coach you have supervision, you are accountable, with a coach you get clarity, with a coach you stay motivated, with a coach you set better and more realistic goals. The advantages of working with a coach are endless. Especially when you are looking to be Healthy and not just lose weight. Like I always say, Slim is not always Healthy.

People spend so much money buying products that focus on the short term. Lose weight in 9 days. Then you drink juices and shakes, lose 10kg and 2 days after you are done with your quick fix, you have added 5 kg.

Most people have zero idea what to do after. They have not learnt how to make healthier choices, they have not learnt how to build stamina, they have not dealt with the issues that caused them to be fat to begin with. The only thing you are telling yourself from this behavior is that, you can eat as you like, once you are done…you can buy a quick pill to steal your appetite.

Now if all you care about is losing weight, then this post is not for you. This post is for those who want to live Healthy, Happy & Better lives. Those who want to lose weight, learn how to stay consistent, learn how to build stamina, this post is for people who want a Total Makeover.

In 2016, do what you can to hire a coach, hiring a coach is the only proven method that gives you a short cut.

I lost 40kg in 10months. Trust me, if I had a coach, I would have lost it in less time.

I have clients who lost 30kg in 3 months. Because they had me and they bypassed all the mistakes I made during my journey.

I was my own guinea pig, trying and failing and that does not need to be your story.

Stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before you and stop medicating