You are what you share on social media

You are what you share on social media



Many people have argued this point overtime from both sides with valid points to back up their views but the truth still remains that social media has unexpectedly evolved in to our modern day business card.

If you own a business in Nigeria today, you can easily relate to this because a lot of our customers are now online and with the growth of ecommerce in this part of the world, people are starting to embrace technology by buying things online and having it delivered to them at home or at their work place.

This means that people now judge a brand from their online presence and they always assume from what they see online on peoples pages and accounts as the reflection of who they are.

Most people are quick to form their opinions about a brand or their corporate messaging after a short browse of their social media platforms. From Facebook to Twitter and now Instagram, Google has made it a lot worse now because whenever you search for your name or brand on google you will see all the information about yourself including all your social networking accounts. Everything you share online is linked together and these days you can easily connect your various accounts together and get your contents shared automatically on its own to various platforms with ease. This does not affect just individuals, what companies also share online can easily be used by its customer to generate a picture of what their business values are and how they respond to customers questions online now influence the quality of their customer services.

Like I always say “The internet is a gift to our generation, what are you doing with it?”

Remember this; if you plan to build a brand for you self online you should understand that not every funny picture or comedy skits you see on Facebook should be shared to your timeline.

Resist the urge when it comes. If you stumble on a funny video while scrolling through you page, laugh and move on…you can only share if you are a comedian or an entertainer and your followers are expecting such content from you.

Post clean and descent pictures of your product or yourself, If you don’t have nice and colorful pictures of yourself try posting motivational quotes and inspirational videos to encourage your friends, followers and potential clients occasionally.

Lastly, make sure you plan every single post you make. If you want people to take your brand seriously online start thinking about the quality of the content you put out there because you are what you share on social media.

Do you agree with my point of view? If not kindly share you opinion below…

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Aaron Chidi is a social media consultant and the founder of TopTrendNaija blog, he also runs a weekly online branding show on Nigeria's first online motivational radio station, he is skilled in the art of online branding and he has a track record in marketing for global brands like Sonik Electronics, Samsung, Micro-max and also for A-list celebrities. He is currently the social media representative at RokStudios a subsidiary of IrokoTv.