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This piece was inspired by my very good friend Shewa, it is a story based on how she successfully managed her home when financial crisis hit. Shewa is not the regular power girl but lived almost as one. She had gotten married to an average beginner and their love for each other kept them strong. Right by their love story, Shewa and Andrew built a foundation that helped them through their financial mishap.

During their marriage counseling days, they were asked to write the amazing things they know and loved about their partners. She and her then fianc√© had fun writing this for whatever reason why the facilitator asked them to write it. The facilitator had asked if all they wrote were the true and genuine and they both chorused ‘yes’.

The facilitator proceeded to tell them, “THAT WHICH YOU HAVE WRITTEN IS WHO HE/SHE TRULY IS! When the storm hits you in the course of your marital journey, when life happens and you can hardly remember yourselves, when it is almost crumbling and your heart is heavy with questions, let these your earnest answers be your only reminder and guide. If you said your partner is a very patient man/woman, and along the line they act otherwise, remember you married a very patient partner. Instead of doubting that she/he is a patient wife/husband, take out time and find out what is trying to steal his/her patience attribute. If both parties do this as many times as crisis happen, you will have it easier. It is not easy to hold firm to these words but remember these words were said in sanity and trust, these words are not product of any worry of life or excitement or anything fancy, they are the true ingredients you know about your partner”.

Shewa and Andrew practiced this and applied same when financial crisis hit them and they were able to surmount it in one peace, tough and tumble alike.

Now this is very relatable to our everyday life.

Life happens to the best of us, from the young to the old, from the rich to the poor, from the single to the married, from male to female…everyone gets a fair share at different point in our lives. To survive these dark days, find out who you truly are, find out your worth, your value, your ingredients. Find out your true identity prior to these not so good days. And when these days hit you, hold firm to your ingredients jealously, knowing this day, this problem, this hardship or whatever it is, is a phase, you are still who you are.

You are still that hardworking woman with so much to give to the world, you are still that voice that everyone is waiting to hear, You are still you amidst this ugly problem and if you give it time, your diamond will again glitter.

Keep choosing you, even in the storm.

With love,

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