Please… Forgive Yourself

Please… Forgive Yourself


For a very long time, I was very comfortable not knowing my weight. I mean, the scale was in the room, I walked passed it everyday. Even when I put it out of sight, I still knew where to find it.

I did not want to know my weight, when I weighed 101kg, my clothes were fitted, now my clothes did not fit without a girdle, and it barely fit. What would I weigh now? Gosh… I didn’t want to know.. I did not know how I would take it.

One day, I summoned the courage to check my weight, woke up, on an empty stomach, stood naked on the scale and it sat comfortably at 110kg.

You know, even though I am no longer 110kg, just remembering the feeling that day still makes me feel a little sick.

When did I get to 110kg?

How did I get to 110kg?

How did I let myself get to 110kg?


I was 80kg a couple of months ago?

What normal human being lets herself add 20kg in 2 and half months?

What was I eating?

Why could I not control myself?

Why did I let this happen?

From a size 14… to size 22? Why? How? When?

For God sake… Why me!

I ate the same food as everyone else, why I’m I the only one struggling?

If you are like me when I was fat, I spent a lot of time and emotional energy angry at myself and all the decisions I made.

Angry that I was the way I was and angry that I was clueless about getting back into shape.

Angry that I would try losing weight and angry that I was not strong enough to stick to a plan that would eventually make me so happy.

What on earth was wrong with me? Is this a curse?!

One of the reasons why you might never win in this weight loss battle is unforgiveness.

Unforgiveness is such a strong negative emotion, anger is such a strong negative emotion, strong enough to cause psychological paralysis.

Do you remember the last time you were very angry at yourself? Do you remember the things you said to yourself? about yourself? How negative you sounded and how bitter you had become?

Do you remember how you engaged in self sabotaging behaviors when you basked in guilt? What good thing came from that place? None…

When it comes to moving forward especially with weight loss, which also applies to other areas of your life. You need to first accept your shortcomings, accept that you messed up, accept that your decisions or indecisions led you here and most importantly you need to forgive yourself.

We all make mistakes, we all make bad decisions, forgive yourself for not doing what you should have when you should have and give yourself a hug.

In 2016, before you attempt to do anything else, forgive yourself.

It’s never too late, right now is a good time. Life is now.

Tell yourself,

“I forgive myself for eating anyhow and anytime”

“I forgive myself for not working out”

“I forgive myself for blaming everyone else for myshortcomings”

“I forgive my for not taking responsibility for my actions and inactions”

“I forgive myself for not loving myself enough”

“I am forgiven”

Take a deep breath and be happy.

Forgiveness is the 1st step but is it enough?

I will tell you how to move on from forgiveness to progressive and sustainable weight loss in the Free E-Course “The Psychology of Weight Loss”