Personal Responsibility As A Lifestyle

Personal Responsibility As A Lifestyle


I had an experience a few months ago which everyone can learn from. I was out of town and had to go on a few flights to get to my final destination.

I knew I had long flight hours ahead of me and I wanted as much comfort as I could get, so I chose to travel in one of my most comfortable foot wears, baring my toes. A few minutes after we got on the shuttle that would take us to the next boarding gate, I felt the man standing next to me accidentally step on my toes. The pain was so sharp because my toes were bare. In reflex, I quickly lifted my foot, so he doesn’t bruise my toes. Naturally, I paused, expecting to hear him say something, but he was silent. I initially thought he didn’t realise he had stepped on my toes. I bent over, to dust off the particles his shoes had deposited on my toes, and in my mind, I planned to raise my head and let him know that he just stepped on me.

By this time, it was written all over me that I was so upset because of his silence. As I got up from dusting my feet, he already got the message from the look on my face. Then he went “sorry about that”.

Did I have to have “that look” on my face for him to say something? Don’t get me wrong. Saying something wouldn’t take the pain away, but it does show that you are taking responsibility for that accident, and because you have regard for other “shuttle passengers”, it comes to you naturally to apologise to the person affected.

Sometimes we bump into people; spill their drinks, step on their toes and we act like nothing has happened. Make it a lifestyle. Pause for a second to say “excuse me”, “I am sorry” Or whatever the circumstance requires for you to say.

When you begin to take responsibility for your actions, your relationships get better and the world will be a better place.

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Olukemi Sowemimo
Olukemi Sowemimo is a Certified Etiquette Coach. She helps individuals achieve all round success and influence through the mastery of their personal conduct and the art of personal excellence. She has a passion for children and young adults. Her frame of work solves the problem of warped behavioral values in young people; through her regular Character and Etiquette workshops; designed to help them learn how to achieve success now and in adulthood. Olukemi is a speaker and the creator of "The ABC of Personal Excellence Program".