If there is one thing the entrepreneur , intrapreneur and all other classes of ‘preneurs’ don’t do enough, it’s APPRECIATION.

This isn’t about giving your boss a thank you gift or taking your team out for a well deserved lunch, it’s about YOU! Yes you !

When last did you truly appreciate your effort and input no matter how small?

When last did you tell yourself how important you are to that organization ?

Do you have to wait for a mentor , an advisor or even your spouse to tell you how valuable you are before it dawns on you that you are valuable?

I paid my self in advance today. Here’s how my pay slip reads:

“I know you Kizito Okorowu . I know you run hard for the finish line giving it everything you’ve got. You stay alert and keep yourself in top shape . You are valuable ! You are an indispensable embodiment of all things excellent and remarkable. Keep up the good work . Your victory is assured !”

I know your mates are ‘balling’ and are doing great things. Good for them . However , you can’t outsource accountability . Every man will give account of himself by himself . Got that?

Don’t wait for people to acknowledge your work before you do . Permit yourself . Learn to esteem your contribution . This is not a license to go over board. It’s a push to do something better because you know you can not because they told you so .

Go ahead , pay yourself .

  • Bolade Oyedeji

    Interesting write-up, quite inspiring

    • Okorowu kizito

      Many thanks Bolade . Glad you found it inspiring !