One Reason Why Your Dreams Are Not Coming True

One Reason Why Your Dreams Are Not Coming True


Why Your Dreams Are Not Coming True: Why Your Vision Board Is Not Working 

I have been Vision Boarding for almost a decade or more. I am here to share with you one reason why your vision board is not attracting the results you desire. Someone asked if he had to get the CNN Logo on his board for it to come to pass.
My answer was no. It is not about the physical image, it is “all” about your thinking. If you do not believe/think/imagine/feel that what you are putting up is possible, it will not come to pass, no matter how colorful your board is. Your dreams will not be activated by any type of “doing” or activity it will activated by a certain type of “thinking”

During a recent self analysis, I placed photos of the things on my board that are yet to come true and compared them with those that came true quickly

The ONLY difference was in my thinking. Some things, were EASY to believe! Some things… I told myself I believed but deep down… subconsciously I would scream “chai!!! you sure say you fit knock this one off??” I doubted myself, I did not think I deserved it.

As a man thinks, so is he, not as a man DO

You are what you “think”, not what you “do”. You are a sum total of “your” “thinking”, not of your “doing” From the way you behave, you can identify how you think. Stop trying to change how you talk, walk or act…. Just change “how” you think “consistently” and everything else will fall in line. Let “your” “thinking” be “your” Virtual Vision Board because the physical one is just decoration without an elevated mindset

Harness your power, activate your visions and dreams by first transforming your thinking

It is not too late to make 2016 your best year YET

Love, Peace & Puff Puff