Mentors Vs Saviors – What Do You Do With All This Power?

Mentors Vs Saviors – What Do You Do With All This Power?


You say you want a mentor but you act like you need a savior and it is okay, I am not here to judge you, who I’m I? Once upon a time I too wanted a savior. But look around you and all the people you respect, somewhere in their story you can tell they knew exactly what they wanted but just needed someone to guide them there.

But you come to me and you don’t even know what you want and it is okay, I am not here to judge you, who I’m I? Once upon a time I did not know what I wanted. But if you insist on me/anyone designing your final destination, you are going to end up being who I want you to be, who I think you should be, who I think you are capable of becoming and not who you are destined or capable of becoming.
Who I’m I/we to have all that power? No one should have all that power over your life and how it turns out, except you, don’t give it away.

I have had mentors who I have disagreed with on certain issues, if I followed all their advice I would be in a different profession, I would probably be good at it but I would not be phenomenal and I would not be fulfilled. Not because they don’t wish me well but because they are human beings just like me and they can only advice me based on their perspective, exposure and experience.

You should have the bird’s eye view of what you want for “your” life. Your own vision should determine who you approach for mentorship. But your mentors vision is what attracts you to them, because your own vision is too small? Because they are special and you are not??

So I am 2 time Amazon Best Selling Author, so you come to me so I can help you… flattering but is that what YOU want for yourself? Maybe you did not think you were capable of it until I showed up and that’s okay too but is writing your thing?
Maybe you should do an audio book because you have an amazing voice! Get on Audible, You don’t have to do Kindle!
Maybe you should be the first to launch a Video book!
Maybe all you really want is influence, who said you have to be writer to get that?
Who set the rules? What is influencing your decisions?
The decisions that shape YOUR life…
Who are you giving all that power too?

Just because you have a mentor or coach does not mean you must follow every single advice, you need to know what “you” want, have “your” own standards and have “your” own values and whatever advice that is given should go through your own filter.
Do you have a filter? Or do you take their word as law and execute without question?

No no no… this does not mean you should not take feedback! Feedback is great, feedback is powerful but feedback only makes sense to someone who knows what they want out of their “own” life.

Every person I know who is doing great and had a mentor at some point, had to tell themselves “I understand what he/she is saying but I am not sure this is the right thing for me to do”

Sometimes the idea is great but the process isn’t, sometimes the process is great but the idea isn’t. You might be doing things just because you do not want to “offend” your mentor, or because you want to make your mentor proud, but are you proud of your own self? Or are “you” offending “yourself” ? Stop setting goals that you don’t align with, just because your mentor said so.

“No one apart from you, deserves all that power”

So I ask you, what is “your” own vision for your “own” life?
What are “your” standards? What do “you” value? Are you looking for a mentor or are you looking for a savior? Are you waiting for me or anyone you respect to give you a stamp of approval before you believe you are worth something?

What are you doing with all your power? Harnessing it or giving it away?

Just in case you did not know, YOU ARE POWERFUL! (oh! I wish you knew) You don’t need anyone’s permission to be great

Choose yourself, find your “own” voice and then find a mentor based on “your” terms, not a savior

Hugs, Kisses & Fresh Palm Wine

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