How To Massively Win Customers To Your Business

How To Massively Win Customers To Your Business

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How To Massively Win Customers To Your Business

How To Massively Win Customers To Your Business

The brave may not live forever
but the cautious do not live at all
~ Meg Cabot.

I hope your shock absorber works, I’m about to bump your thinking. If you are reading this, you must have the all consuming passion to set up a business part time or full time.

If not, you will not commit to the strategy we will discuss and if you enter by mistake, you will hardly manage the results. I will expose the most effective business model in the world.

How can you explain when a business defies the assumptions and forecasts and keeps making profit against all Harvards?  For example, why are some companies so profitable? Why are they so innovative?

Let’s take Apple for instance, year after year, they remain so innovative and stay so relevant and make massive profits. I chose Apple because they are just like everyone else. Yes I said it. They have access to the same information as everyone else.

They have access to the same talents, the same consultancy, the same science, the same media, and yet they seem to crush their competition. Not to mention, and in case you forgot, they are still just a computer company.

Why were the sons of Bishop wright able to achieve powered manned flight In spite of their well-known financial and educational handicap.

As I did my homework researching what made these brands work so well, I found something amazing. Successful brands, leaders, inventors and innovators think the exact same way. AND THE WAY THEY THINK IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF HOW THE WORLD THINKS!

Now here’s Exercise 1: take a pen and paper, draw three boxes – a small one inside a bigger one, inside an even bigger one. In the smaller one write the words ‘WHY’, in the bigger one write the words ‘HOW’,  in the biggest write ‘WHAT’. One of my mentors, Simon Sinek calls it The Golden Circle. We’re using boxes here so maybe we call it ‘Box Of Life’ Focus on the principle here.

This ‘box of life’ explains why some organizations, brands and businesses are able to inspire and others are not. Yes inspire. So in other for you to massively entice and keep customers coming to your business you must inspire them. Now ask yourself, does the average brand think this way? Does your brand think this way?

Every single organization knows WHAT they want to do. Every businessman knows what he wants to sell. Every now and then I get proposals from people telling me what they want to sell. This WHAT area is quite covered. Some others know HOW they want to do it…call it your Difference In Value Proposition or Unique Selling Point…point is you know the HOW.

But very few organizations know WHY they do it. If you are thinking ‘to make money’ that’s a [MASSIVE FAIL] …because money is a result of WHY and not the WHY of business. See the reason people don’t know is because finding the WHY is HARD!

By ‘WHY’ I mean, what’s your purpose, what’s your call, what’s your belief? Why are you reading this post? What’s your compelling reason? This belief system, this WHY will directly impact your brand and business and entice or repel your customers.

Why does your organization exist, and why should anyone care?! Most of us think form the WHAT which is the easiest, to the WHY which is the most difficult. But world leaders and brand giants brands do the exact opposite. They think from the WHY to the WHAT!

EXERCISE 2: Make a list of any WHYs that come to mind. WHY do you do your business? WHY should people buy from you? What is it about your business that could make me borrow to buy your product? think about that for a minute or 10. Now what’s the strongest of those WHY’s

[If you need help with this send me a mail at [email protected]]

All great brands regardless of their industry all think act and communicate from the inside out. From WHY to WHAT. So let’s look at Apple again, if they ran their business like you, they’ll probably say the following… “We make great computers. They’re beautifully designed and simple to use. Wanna buy one?” S.S and then slapon a price tag.

And that’s how most of us communicate, that’s how most marketing campaigns go. We say what we do, we say how we do it and we expect customers to make a purchase, or vote for us or walk on water.


There is a concept I developed that I call the Follow Factor TM
There is a lot more to this concept but I’ll just provide the basic picture.
Smart business help build people’s lives, are inspired by love for people, and desire to meet people’s needs by building a brand owned by the people [customers]; who will then sustain it.

The Follow Factor is what will make CUSTOMERS LINE UP outside your shop [before product release] to purchase your product. Check out the following statistics and this is all verifiable by the way.

APPLE iPhone SALES in 2012 = 5 Million,
2013 = 9 Million,
2014 = 10 Million
2015, 3 DAYS AFTER LAUNCH, Apple had sold over 13 Million units of the iPhone6 and iPhone6S. And that could be your business if you apply the very same principles.

And you can verify those figures here  and also here

How do customers own a product or brand they own it?
Because it was built around their specific needs and for them, they have particular interests in its functionality. This interest sparks a conversation about the brand. This conversation is translated by the brand as feedback giving them raw material to make better products.

What’s your business ‘WHY ON FIRE’ ?
What’s the Follow Factor of your business?

Let me know your thoughts?