Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams


Live Your Dreams

“…you can’t eat ideas or pay rent with dreams.” – Ben Carson , MD.

Around 14 years ago in Lagos, I came across an elderly man of 65 years old whom later became my friend (though, he often joked that he was my protege).*

He was a retired school teacher, but his hunger for knowledge was beyond measure. I really appreciated that about him, and still do. I was able to introduce him to some books and the world of the world wide web before distance sets us apart into two different regions of Nigeria.*

In the course of our friendship, he told me about one of his prime dreams which as at the time of our meeting was UNFULFILLED. It was his CHERISHED dream. Yet for 45 years of his dreaming it up, it never came to reality. WHY?!*

Well, dreams don’t become reality on their own, you and I turn them into realities! But how?*

1. LOCATE the RIGHT ENVIRONMENT in which the SEED of your Dreams can grow in.

“What doesn’t strengthens you weakens you.” -SMK

An experiment was done with two baby sharks. The baby sharks were put into two aquariums ‘A’ and ‘B’ of the same lengths and breadths and they were left there for some years. They both grew to the full lengths of the aquariums and stopped growing.*
The shark in aquarium B was taken and thrown into the sea and monitored for some more years. After some years, this baby shark in aquarium B grew into its full size. The other baby shark in aquarium never changed in size and length. WHY?!


Dreams are seeds. They need the right environment to grow in. A young man right in the heart of Kabong, in Jos North LGA of Plateau State, dreaming of become a superstar basketballer in the NBA in the U.S. must know that he has to leave Kabong and look for an environment where there is a basketball court where he can give wings to his dreams. And he must consistently returns there for constant practice. This is also where he gets like-minded dreamers who he can aspire together and nurture their dreams together.

Truth be told, the right ENVIRONMENT has a role to play in your dreams.


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