There was a time in my weight loss journey that I could not stop trying to lose weight. Not because I wanted to keep going, but because I was stuck in a place called Liminality. I hated it, I had tried so much and put in so much effort but it seemed that everything I was trying just worked however and whenever it liked.

One day, my boobs were shrinking, the other week, my ass was shrinking, then I developed acne from hell, nothing looked good on me. I would wear clothes that should normally fit me but my arms were still as large as my thighs, it felt like my thighs were never going to go down. All the things I thought made me beautiful were gradually disappearing.

My clothes looked awful on me, nothing I bought was the right fit, it was either too tight or too big, the more I tried to speed up my process, the more it seemed like I would be stuck there forever.

What on earth was going on? I kept focusing on all the people who had reached their goal and how good they looked and how proportionate their bodies were. At a point even my head looked bigger then my body… I didn’t get it. I started this journey to feel good, but I was feeling worse.

I knew I could not add the weight back, I did not want that, I did not know if my body was ever going to corporate with my process! I did not start this journey to become a slimmer Amoeba, shapeless and scary!

I am sure you are wondering what on earth “Liminality” means. It is the same question I asked when I heard it for the first time.

I was attending a Tedx event in Brazil and a scientist who was speaking named the subject of her speech “Liminality” She said in simple terms, it is the place between who you were and where you hope to be.

A lot of my clients, when they start losing weight, have panic attacks. “Remi, my hands are not reducing” “I am beginning to look like Johnny Bravo” “My neck is now too long”

In times like this, I am so happy I was a fat girl, who experienced the same fears, the same uncertainties, because now I had my story, my experience, I could confidently encourage them, that liminality was a part of the process and it is only temporary.

During your weight loss journey, you will experience many things, you need to be patient. If any one ever told me, my face would ever look the way it looks now or my body would ever look the way it now looks now… I would have doubted, I doubted then but I kept going because I did not have a choice.

I just want to encourage someone reading this, enjoying liminality. It is temporary and when you scale through, you will have a story to share that might save someone’s life.