Improve Customer Service, build a business you can be proud of!

Improve Customer Service, build a business you can be proud of!


I experienced some good Customer Service a few days ago and would like to share. It happened at one of the friendship centers of a telecommunications office. I was not expecting that level of service because I have not experienced one as good as that in a long time, and that is the truth.

The queue was long and I had feared that I may be there for a long time; given the number of people already waiting to be served. When it got to my turn, I quickly noticed that the lady at the front desk was quite warm. Her unusual demeanour encouraged me to express my concern about not wanting to be there for too long, as I had to rush off to other places.

She worked as fast as she could to make “her customer” happy. A few things that stood out throughout the time I spent with her:

  1. She maintained a warm smile
  2. She had a good knowledge of her business, hence she could answer all my questions without referring me to someone else
  3. She was not in a hurry to be through with me, despite the queue behind me
  4. She was very enthusiastic and I could see that she loves what she does

I am not a Customer Service expert, but when I experience good Customer Service, I am happy and I feel valued. I came across an article by Sarah Green Carmichael on Havard Business Review, and it simply described great Customer Service as “Taking Responsibility for the Problem.”

Please read and share with as many Customer Service personnel as you have access to.

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Olukemi Sowemimo
Olukemi Sowemimo is a Certified Etiquette Coach. She helps individuals achieve all round success and influence through the mastery of their personal conduct and the art of personal excellence. She has a passion for children and young adults. Her frame of work solves the problem of warped behavioral values in young people; through her regular Character and Etiquette workshops; designed to help them learn how to achieve success now and in adulthood. Olukemi is a speaker and the creator of "The ABC of Personal Excellence Program".