The Idiot’s Guide To A Compelling Sales Pitch

The Idiot’s Guide To A Compelling Sales Pitch

The smart sales pitch guide

Guide To A Compelling Sales Pitch

The Idiot’s Guide To A Compelling Sales Pitch is a simply explained compelling sales pitch guide. This is not the conventional ‘how-to’,
or ‘dash-and-dash steps’ sales pitch for the header above. (no pun intended)
It’s just a few lessons I’ve learned – written simply.

I have concluded that people don’t have a problem with selling.
What they find difficult is finding the compelling reason for their existence and endeavour. Once that is known, selling happens naturally.
That is not to say that some definite skills will not be intentionally learnt.

So…here are the Compelling Sales Pitch must-haves


The first step is having a vision.
You must have a clear vision and be determined to make others see it.
A compelling reason for what you do and a strong belief in why you do it – Both must be communicated firmly.Be prepared to come off as rude, nagging and persistent.

Whatever you do, do not be boring!

If you show them, they don’t need to hear a thing you say, people will buy.
Selling your products hinge around you telling the story of each product’s design, capabilities, and potential.

To do this properly, be intense and relentless. Work and rework your vision of the product with your team…or your mirror. Do your homework. Use the product.
If you try to sell what you haven’t used, you will be kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

This is where all the gossips you loathe will outshine you. Selling is for story tellers. Everyone can tell a story. you do it all the time with your friends.
Effective storytelling involves communicating from your point of view and connecting to that of your audience.

Study your clients. Try to understand them, their business, and how they view the world. Listen to them. Learn from every conversation. If you don’t know anything about your client’s business, just ask them to explain it to you.
Nobody dies from asking questions.

Truth is that people enjoy talking about what they do.
If you can see things from their viewpoint, you have a greater chance of entering into a meaningful conversation which gives you insight into their vision and goals [their needs or problems]. Once this happens, you have an opportunity to offer value by helping them with a solution. [your product/service]

Ensure the stories are relevant to the service or assignment under discussion. [This is why you must not limit yourself to certain types of stimuli].
Engage your audience passionately (whether it’s only one person or many) by using a relaxed, conversational tone.
Keep your communications authentic, direct, and honest. DO NOT LIE!

Make a place to tell the story of your product. Find local cues or structures that help your story.
If you’re selling a special grade of cement, for instance, describe a famous building to your Pitchee. DO NOT LIE! Make good use of comparisons and innuendoes.
Determine a fresh twist or story for future products. Have a fine story to tell. Do not promise what you cannot deliver. DO NOT LIE!

Sounding like an expert is also called industry babble. This is a nasty habit we inherited from some college professors. Egg headed industry jargon does not translate to sales delivery or even competence.

Sounding like an expert involves using fancy words to try to impress someone or intimidate them but this can be quite insulting and does not sell wisdom.

Speak in plain, simple language, but learn the language and terms of the industry with which your audience is involved.
If they see you are familiar with the language of their industry, they will know you are someone who can be trusted to help them.

5) SPREAD YOUR STORIES [like a virus]
You won’t sell a thing unless you go out and talk to people. And if you don’t spread your stories, no one will know you exist.
Get out there and start sharing your ideas. Decide on a topic and speak at an industry conference, write an article for publication, join a group on facebook, or post your ideas in a comment box somewhere…everywhere on the Internet. Blog, blog, blog!

As an emerging leader in spreading Life and Business Strategy Solutions, I began my work knowing very little about building businesses and a lot about poverty and being broke.
In 2015, I wrote Build Anything, Sustain It Forever to offer young entrepreneurs like me the business insights I wish someone had given me when I was first starting out.

I refuse to wait till I’m old, tired or useless before spreading my stories.

Definition of terms:
Idiot – Used here as a metaphor – The presumably least intellectually or technically capable person who nevertheless is passionate about bringing satisfactory solutions to the existing needs of a client/customer.
Pitchee – A self-coined term – Your potential customer or client. The person you are sharing your vision with. [a higher system is not to describe the sales pitch process as selling a product]
Pitcher – You.
Pitch – The story of your vision or belief.