How To Boost Your Business -Pt 2

How To Boost Your Business -Pt 2

...and ride through any business storm


Its me again 🙂
We are continuing from last post and this is How To Boost Your Business Part 2

We talked about the Projected Zones and how they help boost your business. The next and last zone to deal is the The Red Zone ~ this is where businesses fail.

The red zone can be an outcome of not handling the yellow zone very well.
It’s where a business or project ends up if caution isn’t heeded and one slips. Everything that could go wrong with a life, business and project occurs in the red zone. A knock down in red zone is hardest to come from.

Every successful person suffers some RED ZONE knock-down at some point in their lives once or twice every decade.

It can also be the product of force majeure. I recall hurricane Katrina and the Asian Tsunami before. They wreaked business damages to the tune of $Billions.

If you ever find your business in the red zone, it’s not the end of the world. There is hope for a tree that has been cut down – 

Retrace your steps slowly, one step at a time. Take the time to build yourself from the inside out. You’re your most important asset. While you are down, don’t get burned, grow new roots. Grow new shoots. Move on up. Bear new fruit.

Exhaust your plus ~ What more can you do?. Maximize your strengths. Express yourself. Expend yourself.

How To Create and Maintain ‘The Green Zone’:
The aim is to be in a state to be continually efficient, productive and unstoppable in life and business. Your work environment sets the stage for your business success.

A simple, quiet space with no distractions is perfect for some people, but others might feel like they are being sent to their rooms for punishment. Your work environment is also where you gather inspiration. It may not be a conventional office space. Your work does not begin at the execution of your brief or task. It begins in your mind.

I have discovered I interchange very quiet places with very busy places like markets, malls, restaurants, churches, one way I maintain my green zone is by feasting on ideas. Watching human interactions and habits can be quite revealing. I realize this can be quite the paradigm for you.
Man, know thyself.

You won’t feel like you’re getting ahead if your space is uninspiring or cluttered. I’ve heard there are some people who are too genius for the clutter. They are so deep in the green zone. These ones can read a book in a concert or perform surgical procedures in a casino.
I hail them.

Here’s another tip: when a matter is hard, give it a few chunks of focused time and then return later for a review of the same matter. Your brain works off-duty and then cues you into insight.

Maximize Your Information…Do what you know ~ you already have some information which you have acted upon, otherwise we won’t be talking about building to sustain.
Learn to isolate issues. New business and projects will seem like a rock at first but stay steady and review your progress.

Einstein’s definition of insanity

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Practicing the same thing in the same way again and again and expecting improvement is what I call “flailing”. To avoid flailing, play less, plan and analyse more.

Take time to isolate and analyse the root cause of each challenge, try new approaches, listen to counsel, training recordings and affirmations; and all that good stuff and ask for help rather than practice mistakes.

Practicing mistakes is a sure-fire way to fail.
Don’t do that!

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