...Using the power of Projected Zones

How To Boost Your Business Pt 1

Hey there,
Here’s how to boost your business [using the power of Projected Zones]

I’m sure you know Coca-Cola, Unilever, KFC, ExxonMobil, SC Johnson, DHL, more recently, Netflix and Tesla…businesses you know have stood the test of time.

For tens to hundreds of years they have watched our every move and lack of thereof, and built products around the observations they made. They have repeatedly surpassed themselves in their ability to study, understand, and interpret structural changes in consumption habits and poise themselves to exploit that information.

They have sustained over the decades because they were built to surpass the founders’ generation and they were built around needs and wants.

They have used many techniques that are similar to what I will share in the next few paragraphs. Let’s talk about projected zones.

These are zones that influence and determine the business product excellence and market longevity any product or service.

There is a zone that allows for a business, project, walk or life’s work to be sustained. Some call this being In the zone.

I call it The Green zone. It begins inside your mind and extends outwards. Here lie your confidantes and close friends, supporters, mentors, some of your investors.
Your creative energy is at its peak here. You are in an enabling environment. You do not see the world except throughout the eyes of your dream. You essentially rewrite the universe’s order and things work for you. You are in a positive mind space and you cannot be stopped.

In this environment, you are able to make decisions that place you ahead. This environment supports you and your venture and sustains it even through the toughest of times.
Warren buffet has seen at least two global recessions. He is still one of the top 2 richest men on the planet.
He is always in the green zone. (speaking of green, no pun intended)
There are two other zones that can ruin your life, business and project (and unleash some dark forces that will utterly destroy mankind and take over the world) they are the yellow and red zones.

The Yellow Zone ~ There is a yellow zone where you struggle with certain negative elements. This is where you find detractors, time consumers, time wasters, naysayers, disappointment, critics and start to lose sight of ‘why’ you started.

In this zone, even the deaf, dumb and blind have an opinion as to how inadequate you are, how stupid your plan is and why it won’t fly. They will forecast your failure in unprintable detail. The most effective tactic is to ignore them.

There are times when you have to deal with certain people or situations that draw you into the yellow zone. It is inevitable.
Don’t linger, don’t try to figure out (or explain) too much of anything to anyone here.

Some people are committed to ensuring that you do fail. Please be mindful and keep your guard up. Read the signs early. Get in, get out. Keep your goals clear and reinforce your Green Zone conditions all the time.

The yellow zone has slippery walk ways and can easily slide you into the red zone where you DO NOT WANT to be.

But here’s the FACT that should concern you even more – Businesses are succeeding daily and more Millionaires are being made every year. You have no excuse.

Get started!
Do Your Dream!

To be continued…

This article is an excerpt from my free e-book published in 2015.