A few things thrill me more than having the privilege of writing and engaging with youths on the subject of ENTREPRENEURSHIP . Imagine if you could speak or relate with the Mark Zuckerberg of 15 years ago . Not the Forbes famous one of 2015 but the red- faced and all-star wearing genius of 2000. What would change? What would you say differently? If he came to you to invest in his pet project, would you give him a second look ?

What a dilemma we face today. Most people believe that the over night success phenomenon is actually a reality. There is no such thing as over night success  The world didn’t just take those that eventually changed the course of history seriously.

Dear Young Entrepreneur, I know you must be going through a lot of things. Most of which you don’t even have a name for but it’s okay. I can identify with your struggle though it doesn’t have to be a struggle as such. I have some words for you :

  • Relationships are living, breathing things. Feed them, they grow; Neglect them, they die. Know the relationships you need to give a three square meal and those you need to subject to hunger strike.
  • Generosity kills greed. Learn to give helpful help. Tailor your help to relevance. Don’t bother about returns or gains. The sky doesn’t wonder if the rain it lets out is excess, it always gets full again.
  • Life is not exactly about likes, mentions, retweets and the rest. There is a whole lot to life than your iPhone screen. Let that tiny dash that would be on your tombstone be worth more than gold .
  • There are no middle grounds. There are CAUSES and EFFECTS. I really don’t know about you but I made up my mind to run hard for the finish line. To give life everything I’ve got. No sloppy living for me.
  • Know that great opportunities almost never fit your schedule. You have to commit to specific opportunities as part of an iterative plan, despite doubt and inconvenience. Break out opportunities come and go. If you don’t seize them, you loose them!
  •  Hustle is not something you can study in a textbook. Hustle to get attention about your hustle. In summary, get visible and stay visible. Clear ?
  • Being resourceful is when you turn up the music when the voices of the unbelievers (including the ones in your head) are loud. Start small. Shrink your budget. In this game, you have no choice but to fight hard. Give it all you have and some more.
  • View risk differently. Risk is not your enemy but rather your best friend. Don’t overestimate threats and underestimate your treats(opportunities ).


  • Bonus: Make it count !