Facing Your Fears With The Judgment Day Exercise

Facing Your Fears With The Judgment Day Exercise


Hello, glad to announce to you that weekly capsules are back!

Before the break, we began a new capsule series tagged Building Confidence to Pursue Your Dreams. In the last capsules before the break, I promised to share one simple strategy used in combating and overcoming fear tagged Judgment Day. For those who missed out on the earlier capsules that began this series, please visit my website www.ujudawodu.com/blog.

Today I’m going to be talking about Judgment day and how it can be used to tackle your fears, with reference to career fears.
Judgment day in this context is the day you quit running from and confront your fears. Like I always say, you never conquer your fears by avoiding them. They will only stare at you in the face again when you are done running. You face and conquer your fears! Judgment day is a day when you put pen to paper and deal with that inner fear.


There are three voices in the judgment day exercise. We have the voice of the challenge, the voice of great fear and the voice of solution/reasoning.

Here is how it works, first, you pen down the challenge causing that fear. Then you write down the worst that could happen if your fears were to be confirmed. You familiarize your inner man with that situation at hand then finally, you resort to the voice of reasoning for solution. You proffer several possible solutions to that challenge.

As you do this, power will be released on your inside to deal with that situation. Once that problem is dealt with in your mind, you will be free on the outside to make moves.
I would give you a practical example of how judgment day can be applied to career fears in next week’s capsules.
To be continued next week.

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