Evolve Or Die

Evolve Or Die


It is the 24th of January 2016, as you can already tell, time waits for no one.

Just the other day we celebrated the new year and we made promises to ourselves and to our families and here we are, 4 days later and you are still waiting for all the stars to align before you do the necessary.

Life will go on whether or not you are ready, life will not wait for you to be in the mood, life will not wait for all things to magically fall into place, life will not wait for you to get your salary, life will not wait for your debtors to pay you, life will not wait for your child to grow, life will not wait for your significant other to be nice to you. You know why? Because the universe knows that where you are right now, is good enough to start. What you have is good enough to start with.

Stop giving excuses for why you are yet to begin, “oh, my husband forgot to buy my gym clothes” “oh, they are yet to pay me salary” “oh, I will start when my baby is 6 months” “oh, I will focus on my health after valentine” “oh, I will start when hamattan ends” “I will start when I move to an estate” “oh, I will start when the fuel scarcity ends”

Since 2005, you have been waiting and here you are still doing what you did before and expecting different results. Stop planning as though you can put a pause on time and press play when it is convenient for you.

All the people you know and admire, who you claim you want to be like started and kept going irrespective of the sun or snow.

We did it not because all was well or because all was convenient, we did it because we decided to do it. It was not about how we felt but about what was necessary.

We don’t have supernatural powers, we felt and still feel pain, but we did it anyways.

Listen to me well, this is 2016 and if you decide that you are still going to be ruled by your emotions or by any inconvenience that may or most likely will arise, then you are not ready for any form of significant change.

In 2016, you have only two options,

Evolve or die, what side are you on?