Do I need a Lawyer?

Do I need a Lawyer?



Imagine a scene from a Hollywood movie.  A person is taken to the police station either because of a misunderstanding at work or he got caught with circumstantial evidence pointing to his involvement in an offence.

Can you guess the person’s first statement before interrogation commences? More often than not, it is “Can I call my Lawyer?” Or “I think I need to call my Lawyer”.

Ever wonder why they say this?

First and foremost it is because they have a Lawyer. Secondly, they do not want to say anything that will implicate them and they are assured that no matter what the charge is, their lawyer will always bail them out.

However, this is not usually the case in Nigeria. Majority of us do not have a personal lawyer. Most people think having a family lawyer or hiring a one is too expensive or old fashioned and that only the rich or corrupt politicians or businessmen needs a personal lawyer. Sorry to burst your bubbles because these reasons are all false. Everyone and I mean everyone needs a lawyer! Now when I say everyone I mean the businessman, the professional, the landlord, tenant, artisan, and even a housewife needs a lawyer.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing with you different scenarios mostly real life stories on the importance of having a personal lawyer.

For now I will leave you with this advice. It is crucial that you engage the right lawyer to ensure you get the best legal advice and representation to resolve your legal issue, make sure it is someone who:

  • Has expertise in dealing with your legal issues;
  • Can communicate clearly, in simple language;
  • Is easily accessible;
  • You feel comfortable with; and
  • Charges fees that are reasonable and acceptable to you.

Watch out for the #DoINeedALawyer Series.

For now remain phenomenal and stay out of trouble.