Customer Service Etiquette That Works; Regardless of Industry-Olukemi Sowemimo

Customer Service Etiquette That Works; Regardless of Industry-Olukemi Sowemimo


I was at the reception area of a private specialist hospital on Tuesday afternoon. The space has a really lovely ambience; very peaceful and untroubled. The atmosphere was therapeutic enough to heal a troubled soul. I particularly fell in love with the antique furniture beautifully arranged through the reception area. I love the smell of mahogany and the natural touch it gives any space in which it is used. Such a beauty it bestows.

One would think the same attention that was paid to the unique furnishing would be paid to the attitude of the employees and Customer Service Etiquette skills; especially the face of the organization; the first business contact. While I waited for my turn, I was startled to see the front desk person reach for some snack from beneath her desk, and kept munching as she spoke to the person in front of her desk making enquiries.

Customer Service Etiquette for the front desk personnel of any organization is non-negotiable because it reflects the image of the organization, and whatever they do has the potential of either endearing the people to the business or putting them off. This reflection goes from the way they answer phone calls, to the way they receive visitors etc. Hence, they have no business snacking at the front desk.

Accordingly, you; as a front desk person are required to master your Customer Service Etiquette Skills and cannot afford to be careless with your behaviour. Your professionalism in all your dealings with your clients and your attitude to work affect the bottom line of the organisation you represent.

Here are some Customer Service Etiquette tips for the Front Desk Personnel.

  • Appearance – First impressions matter and they last so long. As part of your work ethics, your appearance comes first place especially as a front desk person. You cannot afford to have a tacky look. You are the first business contact of your organization. Even if you have to wear a uniform, always put some effort into dressing to impress. You should be appropriately dressed with your hair neatly done and your personal hygiene in top shape.
  • Courtesy – As the face of your organization, you must be courteous, polite and hospitable. Not exhibiting proper Customer Service Etiquette is a sure fire way of ensuring that your customer don’t come back to you or your organisation. Give good consideration to everyone that comes in contact with you and be friendly. A delightful smile, even if you are having a bad day, and a pleasant disposition is so important because you are responsible for the initial impression people have about the organisation.
  • Professional behaviour – Avoid all forms of any of such behaviour like chewing gum or eating while taking a call or attending to a client. Utilize your break time for your snacking, while someone else covers for you. Personal conversations and calls should be minimal, and not when your clients are right in front of you.  Comport yourself and maintain an attitude that says “we are here to serve”
  • Active Listening and Empathy – When you practice putting yourself in your client’s shoes, it makes it easier to solve their problem or proffer a solution. Let your body language also communicate empathy, as it is not the right time to vindicate yourself or your organisation. Use your best listening skills especially when you have to deal with an angry customer. Finally, follow the golden rule at all times – Treat your customers the way you would want to be treated if the shoe were on the other foot.

Respect for your customers should be one of your top priority.

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Olukemi Sowemimo
Olukemi Sowemimo is a Certified Etiquette Coach. She helps individuals achieve all round success and influence through the mastery of their personal conduct and the art of personal excellence. She has a passion for children and young adults. Her frame of work solves the problem of warped behavioral values in young people; through her regular Character and Etiquette workshops; designed to help them learn how to achieve success now and in adulthood. Olukemi is a speaker and the creator of "The ABC of Personal Excellence Program".