How To Create Your Own Rules in Life

How To Create Your Own Rules in Life


You may not totally agree with it but life is governed by a set of rules; a football player must learn the technicality of the game to enter into the professional league. Whatever industry you find yourself there are set of rules that the people before you have applied which has given them positive results – you must discover those rules and apply them but in your own way; by that you will create your own rules.

For instance, it is a general rule that if you want to lead you must be a reader; you must have a yearning for knowledge and the accumulation of it. We have been often told or asked to read books and read them in full but that rule is twisted; please don’t read books, read what you need, read what will be of benefit to you and your purpose. Sometimes you pick up a 170 page book and you struggle to read it all up because they said you must read and read in full – that is you following people’s rule; create your own rules. Instead of reading the whole book why not highlight two or three chapters that speak about a challenge you are currently facing and read those – it is not the volume of the book you read that matters but the application of the little that you picked – this is how to create your own rules.

Many people have struggled with different situations everyday of their lives because they were trying to achieve things the same way others before them achieved it but you must realize that you may be in the same race but you are not the same person. You are different from everyone else and that’s why you must take the rule but create it in your own way, in the way that best suit you and help you achieve positive results. I know people who pray for 1 hour daily but they never felt the prayer, they only do it because their pastors say they should spend at least 1 hour in prayer everyday. What they fail to ask is if they have to do the 1 hour at once. It is not necessary you do because the God you serve doesn’t have an appointment that will make him too busy for you the next time. Why not spend some quality love session 15 minutes in prayer in the morning, spend another 15 minutes of quality worship and prayer during the day – you can spend little time like this in prayer even for more than four times and you would have spent more than an hour praying but you probably have not given that a deep thought and that is because you are still operating the other’s set of rules, it is time to create your own rules.

You must challenge popular opinion and rules, ask yourself if there is a better way to do it than how it is being presently propagated. In your business what are the general rules you are finding hard to apply? Recreate those rules to suit you. In your life what are the rules you believe that if applied your life will be an envy to others, but you are finding it difficult to apply these rules? It is time to take this rules, look at them carefully, recreate them to suit your own style and apply them. I can assure you that you will most likely get a better result than those applying those rules in their regular state. I challenge you to break the status quo, challenge popular opinion and create your own rules in life.