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“Do not save what is left after spending, spend what is left after saving”-Warren Buffet

Saving money is the ACT of wealth creation while what you do with your savings is the ART of the game.  To prosper and build wealth, you must master both but the “ACT comes become the “ART”. One way to save money easily and effortlessly is to have an automated savings system. This helps you save without thinking of the process. It also helps you save before you even remember that you have expenses to take care of.

Have an automated transfer system that ensures that your money is immediately transferred to a purposed savings accounts and make sure that such money doesn’t come out unless for an investment purpose and must return with interest. For example, if you have made a resolution to save 10k from your salary every month, as soon as your salary comes, don’t wait or over analyze things. Just use *737# to sort your savings out immediately and forget that the transaction ever took place. This is why I train people on how to put their income and savings goals in their “conscious awareness” state while putting their expenses in their “conscious unawareness” state. With this order, it becomes easy for you to think of your savings and income goals first before thinking of the next thing to spend your money on. And since what you focus on expands, as our income and savings goal take a balanced position in our conscious awareness state, it becomes easy to expand your savings opportunities.

Open a secured savings account today, never collect an atm or sign up for internet banking on the account. As soon as your salary comes, use your bank code and make the transfer right there and then.

Don’t forget that being intentional with your financial life is the key to a stress-less life.