Acquired Taste

Acquired Taste


When I discuss my diet or meal plans with people, they don’t need to respond. I see it in their face.

When they respond, it is mostly;

“I can’t do without…” “I can’t eat that”

Today, I am not dealing with your self imposed limiting belief, I want to talk to you about Acquired taste.

Once upon a time, count me out from eating a salad. What??? Ewww! Eww!! Eww!

Anything raw like… tomatoes..carrots… Na! Na! Na!

If I ate an excuse for a salad, be sure that 80% was salad cream.

So what changed for me?

What changed for the thousands of people out there who have experienced change?

We learnt to love or at least like the new stuff.

Trust me sweetheart, no body was born loving Eba, Fufu or Dodo.

If you were raised loving all the Healthy stuff you would find any unhealthy stuff disgusting too.

You have to be open to new experiences, you have to keep trying.

It took me about 6 months to appreciate or even enjoy the taste of majority of the Healthy stuff but that did not stop me from eating them every day.

That you don’t like how something tastes is not a strong enough excuse to stay unhealthy and put yourself at risk.

Eating Healthy is non negotiable and if it is to you, then you have given illness and disease a warm welcome into your life.

Practice makes perfect, start small and grow from there.

Stop trying to eat your cake and have it.

Try to remember other areas in your life where you had to compromise for you own good. When you had to quit a job, or a relationship, it did not feel good at first but with time, it got better.

That is acquired taste, now apply this same principle to your Health and give yourself a shot at a more fulfilling life, despite the present circumstances.