6 Little-Known Benefits of Respect!

6 Little-Known Benefits of Respect!


There is always a question I find a little tough to answer about where we have missed it as a people, in terms of respect for the individual. We are gradually losing one of the greatest values that defined us and set us apart in the last two or more decades.

So what went wrong? What could be responsible for this great loss of manners? Is it the Internet? Is it from the home? Is it from the school? Is it from the society or the nation? What could be responsible for a child, or an adult for that matter, walking into a room full of humans and the thought of greeting or acknowledging their presence does not cross the mind?

I had a discussion with an eighteen year old recently and the issue of younger people giving up their seats for older people came up. In his exact words, this gorgeous young man said to me “but aunty, you know that remains an issue for discussion o”. Oh My World! My jaw dropped. “After all the talks we have had on the importance of respecting and valuing other people, you still feel this way”? Then he went; “but it’s not my fault that she came late, why must I give up my seat and be on my feet for one hour, for a sin I did not commit?”

My resolve. If respect must return to our society, we need to begin to help young people see the benefits and what is in it for them now and in adulthood. Benefits like:

  1. Good manners set anyone apart for the right reasons
  2. It makes anyone preferred above those who do not have it.
  3. Great manners bring favour; you are more likely to get help and recommendations easily when you need it
  4. It opens doors that the greatest education and qualification cannot
  5. Your manners will make you comfortable wherever you are, because your self-esteem and self-confidence will be at its high
  6. It builds your leadership skills and makes you a role model

There are loads of benefits to having great manners. Children are malleable and can be taught. They can still restore civility to our society. Let’s not sit with our arms folded. Do something in your area of influence, school, home, worship centers etc

Restore respect for the individual one child at a time.

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Olukemi Sowemimo
Olukemi Sowemimo is a Certified Etiquette Coach. She helps individuals achieve all round success and influence through the mastery of their personal conduct and the art of personal excellence. She has a passion for children and young adults. Her frame of work solves the problem of warped behavioral values in young people; through her regular Character and Etiquette workshops; designed to help them learn how to achieve success now and in adulthood. Olukemi is a speaker and the creator of "The ABC of Personal Excellence Program".