5 Ways To Eat Your Competition For Breakfast

5 Ways To Eat Your Competition For Breakfast

Brand Strategy

5 Ways To Eat Your Competition For Breakfast

Hey There,
Wouldn’t you like to know how to get the edge on brand execution?
Wouldn’t you like to figure out how to get customers’ attention and keep it?

If yes, your biggest headache would be The Sahara desert of Uniformity. And it exists everywhere! It’s a situation in which others view your brand the same as everyone else. Basically sand! Perhaps you find yourself trapped and wondering “how can I stand out and eat up my competition”

This is where I come in. Here’s 5 Ways To Eat Your Competition For Breakfast and 1 more.

If you are colourful, People will want your company, they will want to do business with you, and they will pay the price you ask!

Eating your competition is about understanding the changing aspects of human behaviour more than anything else. You might think that there is some magic to this. There is none.

Your customers are struggling to manage smaller screens, tighter schedules and tighter budgets, brutal online marketers, manic online publicists and business peddlers and everything else between madness and genius.

If you do not want to be forgotten, you MUST execute an UNFORGETTABLE BRAND.

People will forget you, oh but they will never forget your brand and how it made/makes them feel.
Here’s a scenario – You are a government agent. You have just been saddled with the responsibility to manage a major construction contract on behalf of your state or senatorial district.
Three companies throw in their bids.

A) NigerCat
B) Setraco
C) Julius Berger.

Question 1: Which of the above three contractors would you choose?

Question 2: What was the last major project Julius Berger undertook? What did their last project cost their clients? How long did it take to complete that project?

1- I know you chose Julius Berger.
2 – You most likely have no answers for questions 2 heck i don’t, but you chose Julius Berger anyway. Why? Reputation

Don’t just build a business, build a reputation for unquestionable dedication to excellence. Two major forces that make people buy or re-buy – Reputation or Desperation. If you get your reputation right, customers won’t be desperate for an alternative…which opens the way for your competition to eat you.

to your high places.
Why do you do your business? What do you stand for? What do you represent? People connect to brands through emotion. Apple has used this secret very effectively over the years.

Cry because your brand needs to be interesting, and grab attention!
Scream because the real key to standing out is to create your unique brand and incorporate elements of it in everything you do.
It needs to answer certain questions. Answer those questions in the story behind your brand. It’s always so interesting watching the dynamics that occur between adults once a baby starts to cry.

Storytelling is the ultimate weapon of persuasion. Learn the craft of making the truth sound like “no freaking way!!!”. Errm…yea

have a strong motto/mantra that communicates your brand. Use it as a tag line in all you do. I use STAND OUT or FADE OUT! or DO YOUR DREAM!
People know your brand by the way you walk, talk, and the way you treat people. You become the stories that you tell.

We all want great products. Products that make our lives better by helping us live healthier, wealthier, happier and more fulfilled lives. 
TM Another concept I founded which shows that people will buy how you produce a commodity along with the actual commodity.
Simple formula, GREAT PRODUCT = PRODUCT HOW + ACTUAL PRODUCT ITEM [in that order]

Your most important product is how you produce that commodity. The end does not justify the means. If you focus on the profit you want to get out of business, you will do anything to get that profit. You don’t want to be the manufacturer and business who lies to people or poisons them or both.

The combination of these methods will ensure an unforgettable experience. The experience is what people talk about. The experience is what helps you eat the competition. It’s what makes you a tree in the Sahara – a person who is willing to build a business without throwing away humanity**

Your primary focus should be on what you want people to walk away feeling and thinking and then ask yourself how you create that for them.

In the past you could win if you had the best product. With re-engineering and the speed of technology, a great product that comes out today will be duplicated in a very short amount of time. The experience is what is sustainable.

Jack Welch once said:
“People can always duplicate the ‘What’ but they can never duplicate the ‘How’. The ‘How’ is the X Factor.”

**I heard of a West African country where a few people have sat upon the development of the national electrical power grid [even blowing up national power grid installations with dynamites] because they are Lords over multi-million dollar Power Generator importing businesses.

Like I said, I heard.

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